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“Hey there, I’m Devanjana, a graduate and a passionate  digital marketer from Kannur. Renowned as one of the great freelance digital marketer in Kannur. I’m here for all your digital needs. As a certified digital marketer, I’m always looking to work with individuals like you to make changes in your business through digital media. As a freelancer I offer services like SEO, SMM, SEM, email marketing, and content marketing. I can take your business to new heights.”

Freelance digital marketer in kannur

"The more you tell

the more you sell"



Digital marketing is the emerging area of marketing with the use of internet technologies. It covers a wide area of marketing strategies which helps to reach the targeted audience at time. Social media marketing, search engines and content marketing are very popular methods of digital marketing. It helps business to reach correct target audience and convert audience to customers. As a freelance digital marketer in Kannur i can provide services to bring your business into success.

Nowadays almost all business focus on wide or global reach. It is not possible only with traditional marketing methods. At this moment the importance of digital medias and digital marketing helps business with its wide varieties of strategies.  Digital marketing helps to reach wide targeted audience at lower cost. And the marketing results can be analyzed regularly, so it helps to improve the marketing methods. Freelance digital marketer in Kannur helps to solve this question by providing specialized services.

  • World wide reach 
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Cost effective
  • To reach target audience


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SEO well known as Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing all the content in a website to rank first in SERP page. As a freelance digital marketer I always tries to make more traffic into the website in ethically and organically.


Social media marketing(SMM) plays a crucial role in today's business environment due to the widespread uses of social medias. As a freelance digital marketer in Kannur I can guarantee to provide best social media services for your business.


Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is closely related to the Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO primarily focuses on organic reach and ranking of the website but SEM focuses on paid advertising to improve website's visibility in search engines.


Content marketing is making valuable relevant up to date content to attracts different groups of targeted audience. As a freelance digital marketer I can provide you quality content to reach targeted audiences.


Web designing is a important part in digital marketing. Effective web designer can design a website for your business and it can reach your targeted audience more efficiently.


Email marketing is a direct and personalized way of reaching and connecting to audience . By evaluating and using best practices can helps to build a strong relationship with your subscribers and meet your business goals.

Digital marketing in 2024

     Digital marketing has the potential or power to grow in future it will enhance not only short term but also long term period of growth for your business.The online spending and peoples screen time is in a growing phase it will definitely helps your business products or services to reach the global audience. The evolution of ai,ar and vr will be a game changer for your business success. Digital marketing is easily adaptable according to the technological updates.The evolving digital marketing methods helps your business or services to reach targeted audience and it will be continue to 2024,2025 and so on until people stop spending their time on digital medias. So choose the best digital marketing strategies for your business to enjoy the sweetness of growth with the best freelance digital marketer in kannur.

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Digital marketing economy in 2024

     Digital marketing is substantially growing and it reached a size of $322billion in 2022. And it expected to reach $539 billion at the end of the 2024 financial year. So digital marketing can be consider as a growing and a positive indicator for a nation’s economy. And it also indicates a vast varieties of opportunities for the people. Business can be starts to focus on  international customers. All these possible because of the widespread internet use of people and it helps the digital marketer to make content which have an impact on targeted audience. Also India is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world. This leading to a growing demand for digital marketing services to help the business to promote their product or services in right way.


Currently, people are looking for relevant and meaningful marketing strategy which is relatable to most of the people. Each area of digital marketing is subject to rapid changes…..



As a Freelance digital marketer in kannur

I can make sure to worth your time investment

I can promise you to help according to the digital needs for your business.

I can offer quality services


Freelance digital marketer in kannur

Feel free to ask any questions or doubts related to digital marketing. Lets bring your business into new highness.

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